Welcome! S-Space is a creative Problem-Solving LAB. Its focus on business & everyday problems and try to find the most human-centred solutions for them.


The S-Space shows my project experience in various fields including healthcare, real estate, education, environmental protection, catering and electronics, and also records my perspective of observing the world.


Please check out all the projects and photographs if you have time, or view the following three featured projects if time is limited. If you are interested, please do not hesitate to contact me.


UKAA Project.002.jpeg

Service / UX Design


Under the serious condition of UK housing crisis, 'guaRENTee' challenges the traditional mindset of house ownership with its brand new Build to Rent experience and ‘Make rental living the preferred model of living’. 

Cooperated with the UK Apartment Association (UKAA)

'Excellent' Grade



November 2020

I am looking for a remote part-time jobs and full-time jobs after graduation in July 2021. I am particularly interested in the medical, healthcare, technology and architecture industries, and wish to get job opportunities in related companies.



June 2020

October 2019

I am looking for the internship for this summer from June to the end of Sep, and I am open to more international working experience.

I am studying in my dreamed major which is MA Service Design in RCA, and it is developing my teamwork skills, business strategy and systematic vision.